Safelink Smartlink Template Blogger 2019 - Click 2x & Crypto JS

Safelink Smartlink Template Blogger 2019 - Click 2x & Crypto JS

Why is it named Smarlink?

 Recently adsense has implemented a new policy for advertising, which is limiting ad serving.  As explained in that there are 2 things that cause restrictions on serving AdSense ads, namely the first is that our blog traffic is being assessed and the second is due to invalid traffic.

 If the reason for limiting ad serving is that traffic is being assessed, that means the problem is that our blog traffic is very small so there is no impression until there are no clicks on the ad.

 In other words, this can be called a blog that is being reviewed again.  To overcome this, of course we have to increase blog traffic for example by updating blog postings, multiplying blog posts.

 So that by itself the blog traffic will increase.  But keep in mind, the traffic that Google thinks is traffic from unique visitors, so try lots of traffic sourced from search engines.

 This is what is meant by Google and other bloggers that we do not rush to register a blog to Adsense.  It is best to build a block first so that the blog has good traffic, after that the blog is registered to Adsense.

 And the second reason for the suspension or limitation of ad impressions on the blog is because of invalid traffic.

 Invalid traffic can come from using tricks that can trap visitors, such as using floating and the like.

 So that to avoid blank ads due to invailed traffic this template is the solution because this template can be used as a blog as well as its own safelink and certainly seo friendly for this safelink.  because the policy regarding restrictions is required blogs / articles must have google organic vistor in order to run perfectly.  Clear safe baned 100%

  • Responsive
  • Seo friendly
  • Click 2X
  • CryptoJs
  • Fast Load
  • Support All Device
  • Top Menu Navigation
  • Random Post
  • Auto Safelink
  • Anti Adblock
  • Support HTTPS
  • Anti Bom Click
  • Easy Setiing
  • Simple True
  • No Foter Credit True
  • No Encrypt Javascript
  • And Much More…

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